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A Hamilton County case search has the ability to get you a complete background profile of the subject, if you approach the right agency for your inquiry. The judicial network of the area is divided across several rungs, with each tribunal retaining a specific set of powers and jurisdiction over certain types of cases.

Typically, to find judicial records, you should either connect with the court that handled a criminal or civil case or get in touch with the Hamilton County clerk of court’s office. In case of the latter, you stand to get more extensive information than if you were to get in touch with a tribunal to search for court dockets.

The clerk of court’s office keeps information on cases heard by all tribunals within the county. This means that the court documents from Hamilton County, TN found with this agency will encompass the entire judicial network of the area, including tribunals that handle criminal cases and those that hear civil disputes such as divorce, probate, corporate, insurance and more.

The clerk of court’s office can be petitioned in person to access judicial records from Hamilton County or you could use their website for your case search. Currently, this facility is being offered on http://www.hamiltontn.gov/courts/criminal/crimdisclaimer.aspx and you will just need the name of the litigant or the case number to get your inquiry under way. The investigations are offered for free and you can print the results, if needed.

If you would rather connect with the agency by visiting them, you will need to travel to 625 Georgia Avenue, Chattanooga, Tennessee 37402. Through mail, the county clerk’s department can be contacted at PO Box 1639, Chattanooga, TN 37401-1639.

The public terminals hold information on court dockets from Hamilton County that date back to 1969. The 11th District Criminal Court is run out of 600 Market St, Rm 102, Chattanooga, TN 37402. The tribunal can be contacted for court documents pertaining to felony as well as misdemeanor charges and civil cases.