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In Tipton County an inmate search can be conducted as an exclusive inquiry or it can be coupled with a regular crime history investigation. Another approach is to use inmate lookup results as a rudimentary form of criminal involvement inquiries. Because through the inmate finder facilities offered by the state, you can find out if the person in question was ever held in a local jail or a state prison, an inmate search is definitely a good way to peep into the criminal past of an individual.

However, before you launch a Tipton County prison inmate search, you need to know that two distinctive sets of data are offered in response to such investigations, depending on the agency that you go to. Let us take the example of the local police. They can tell you who is lodged in the correctional center run by them but they will not have information on the inmates in the state penitentiaries.

So, when you contact the sheriff’s department for a Tipton County jail inmate search, you are exclusively targeting individuals who are being detained in the local correctional facility. Now, let us talk about the TN DOC. Convicts are sent into the correctional system of the state after sentencing. Hence, it would be correct to conclude that by using any of the inmate finder services offered by the DOC, you will exclusively be told about offenders who are serving longer sentences in state penitentiaries.

The DOC offers an online inmate locator tool for Tipton County at http://www.state.tn.us/correction/, but when approaching the sheriff’s office of the area, you will need to do get things done personally. The only way to get the law enforcement agency to conduct an inmate lookup for you is by visiting them. They operate out of 1801 S College St, Covington, TN 38019; you can also try calling them on 901-475-3300.