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Can the judiciary or the police help you with an arrest inquiry or a warrant search in Nashville, Tennessee?

If you are interested in details on warrants and recent arrests in Nashville, TN, you won’t have to do a lot of research. The local PD certainly does not scrimp on efforts when it comes to supplying information on the crimes handled by them.

In fact, Nashville PD is one of the few law enforcement agencies in the state that does not pass the buck to the county sheriff’s office, when it comes to offering arrests records online. Read on to know how the agency can help you with your warrant lookup and search for an arrest report…

How does the local police provide information on Nashville arrests?

The booking log for the area is provided at This is not an arrest search tool, so you will have to go through the entire list to find the information you need.

Also, at any time, you only get the arrest history for 2 days and it’s usually with a lag of 2 days. This means on the 20th of any month, you will find the arrests log for the 17th and 18th of that month.

If you are looking for an inmate search tool, at this time, the arrest app is only provided by the Davidson County SO. You can access it at Their recent arrest list is available at

In addition to the arrests records provided on their website, NPD also puts up information on the arrests and crimes handled by them on their social media accounts at:

How do you launch a warrant lookup in Nashville?

The Metropolitan Police of Nashville has a dedicated division that handles matters pertaining to criminal arrest warrants. The good news is that they do not withhold information on arrest orders from the public.

In fact, they do more than just offer a warrants search tool. They have basically made their entire warrant database available online through the most wanted page at On there, you will find information on alleged perpetrators complete with their photographs and the description of the charges against them.

You can also use the services of the judiciary for a warrant check. The Clerk of Court of Nashville offers a criminal case search facility at For your inquiry, you can use the name of the subject or the case/complaint/incident number. In addition to this, you can also find a criminal court docket through the facilities offered at

Crime stats for Nashville, Tennessee!

Although there was a decrease in crime categories across the board in TN, the fact that the city had the second highest criminal incident rate in the state sure did dull the impact of the improvement. As far as the total crime rate goes, in 2019, over 35,000 crimes were reported in Nashville.

Of these, about 8,000 were violent while the remaining 35,000 incidents were property related. In terms of percentage change between the two years, the most significant fall was witnessed in the rate of homicides and burglaries at 19% and 12% respectively. Motor vehicle thefts saw the highest increase at 20% followed by attempt to rape incidents at 18%.