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Accessing Knox County judicial records is not exceptionally cumbersome because a lot of information on criminal and civil matters has been put up online. However, before you go about trying to find court dockets over the internet, you should know that not all judicial records have been computerized. So, depending on how far back you want your investigation to go, you may have to use offline methods as well.

There are two websites that are currently offering the facility to conduct Knox County case searches. These include:


Of these, the first will only be able to provide details on Knox County court dockets from the Circuit tribunals while the second can be used to access court documents in general, regardless of the judicial entity that handled the dispute. While the internet approach to finding judicial records is undoubtedly the most convenient, visiting the Knox County clerk of court’s office comes in a close second.

In fact, there are some distinct advantages to taking this route. On site, you will be able to use the public service systems. These are connected to the Knox County court dockets database maintained by the clerk of court’s department. The repository contains details on all legal matters, be they criminal or civil.

The best part is that you will not have to pay for the inquiry, but they will charge you for any printouts that you choose to take. Another benefit is that computerized court documents for Knox County, TN are only available from 1980 onwards. If the judicial records you are looking for are older, you could always request them to look through their paper books.

The clerk of court’s office is located at 400 W Main Ave, Rm 225, Knoxville, TN 37902. The 6th District Criminal Court which hears all criminal cases and civil actions for Knox County is also located at the judicial complex.