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There are two reasons for launching a Montgomery County case search; these inquiries are generally undertaken when forging a commercial partnership or hiring a person. In these scenarios, it becomes crucial to learn if there are any criminal or civil cases in the past of the person in question. A lot of applicants also seek information on judicial records before allowing a person into their inner circle.

Fortunately, when finding court dockets from Montgomery County, you will find a volume of useful data which can be used to frame a background profile of an individual. In the court documents that are connected to a criminal trial, you will find details on the charges filed against the defendant, the issue of arrest warrants, detentions effected in connection with the crime, and the verdict.

When it comes to judicial records of a civil nature, you can learn about the dispute that led to the filing of the case, penalties or warrants issued in the matter and the judgment. Except for expunged, sealed and juvenile records, it is possible to find information on all criminal and civil trials through a case search in Montgomery County, TN.

Court dockets can be sought by providing the case number or by offering the name of the defendant/litigant. It should be understood that when you use the case docket number as the search criteria, you are only asking for information on that one matter. As opposed to this, when you furnish the name of the subject, you will essentially get details on all cases against this person, be they civil or criminal.

The Montgomery Circuit Court handles all criminal cases, while the general session’s tribunal has civil jurisdiction. These tribunals work out of 2 Millennium Plaza, #115 Clarksville, TN 37040. The representative of the administrative department of the courts handles judicial records for the civil as well as the criminal divisions.

You can also seek this information from the clerk of court’s database of judicial records. To petition this office for your case search, visit them at 350 Pageant Ln, #101-A Clarksville, TN 37040 or you can write to them at PO Box 1124 Clarksville, TN 37041.