Permits No Longer Needed to Have Loaded Gun in Cars in Tennessee

Opinions vary widely on a recently enacted law that will permit gun owners who do not possess licenses to carry to store guns in their vehicles in a loaded state. From the first of July on, anyone legally permitted to own a firearm in accordance with both federal and state laws may store loaded rifles, handguns and shotguns in vehicles the legally own.

Prior to this law, an individual was required to have a permit to carry issued by the state to have a loaded gun in their vehicle. Those who do not have a suitable permit were only able to keep guns in theirs vehicles in the ammunition was kept separate.

Those in favor of the new law feel it is a win for hunters and individuals who are concerned for their own safety but lack a permit. Those in opposition are worried that this will simply make guns more readily accessible and could pose problems for law enforcement.

Some also feel that removing the restriction of requiring a permit to carry to have a gun in an individuals car unnecessarily circumvents the purpose and efficacy of carrying permits that are designed to determine who should and should not have access to their firearms out in the world.

The new law only covers the ability to have a loaded gun in your vehicle and does not extend any rights for removing it from the vehicle in any fashion.

Source: Timefreepress