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Rutherford County court documents are essentially written information on the various legal matters heard by the tribunal. Not only the court but also the county clerk keeps these judicial records. A case search to find court dockets can be launched through either of these agencies. State crime justice agencies along with civilians are offered this provision.

You will find two ways in which applicants can avail this facility. It is possible to approach a court in the area or you could contact the clerk of court’s office. All the agencies allow applicants to access court documents by visiting their offices in person or by mailing in their case search requests.

Although the information that you get will be the same and will be extracted from the database of Rutherford County court dockets, how far back the details go will differ from one agency to another. Also the mode of communication used to initiate the inquiry on judicial records will make a difference.

For instance, when you go to the Rutherford County Clerk of Court’s department in person, you not only get access to court documents available in soft copy, but also case data that has been stored in paper books and microfiche. This dates back to the early 1900’s. In contrast, the court dockets stored on computer only dates back to 1984 for both criminal and civil matter.

To start a case search in Rutherford County, TN you can use the following avenues:

The 16th District Circuit Court: This tribunal holds general jurisdiction, hence they hear all civil and criminal matters that have occurred locally. The court is located in the Judicial Bldg, Rm 201, Murfreesboro, TN 37130. You can visit the tribunal on working days between 8 am and 4:15 pm.

The Rutherford County clerk of court’s office: The county clerk sits at 319 N Maple St, Rm 133, Murfreesboro, TN 37133 and this agency will be able to provide information on criminal cases along with civil litigations. To send your case search inquiries by mail use their postal address at PO Box 5050, Murfreesboro, TN 37133-5050.