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The Shelby County Clerk of Court’s Office is dedicated to maintaining judicial records for all the tribunals that function in the area. This includes criminal courts as well as civil judicial entities. Furthermore, the county clerk’s office also handles the dissemination of court dockets among other criminal justice agencies, state departments as well as civilians.

Top get information pertaining to court documents from the clerk of court’s office, you will need to visit the agency or write to them. Another way is to use their online service for a case search in Shelby County, TN. Through such an investigation, you stand to gain a wealth of information.

You can find out about all the criminal matters that were started in the name of the subject. Also, you can get details on the civil litigations that were started by the person in question and on suits that were filed against him. In fact, as far as civil court dockets from Shelby County are concerned, you could even find those judicial records which are in the name of a corporate entity.

The facility to launch a case search for Shelby County, TN is being offered through three websites. All of these offer judicial records free of charge. To use these services, go to:


If you want to approach a court for information on judicial records, you can go to the General Sessions Criminal Tribunal at 201 Poplar, Rm LL 81, Memphis, TN 38103. The jurisdiction of this tribunal is limited to misdemeanor charges and preliminary hearings for felonies.

The 30th District Criminal Court handles felony charges and they too can be contacted in person or through mail for inquiries pertaining to court documents that are linked to criminal trials. This judicial entity works out of the same courthouse as above. Finally, to get in touch with the clerk of court’s office, you will have to drive down to 160 North, Mid America Mall, Memphis, Tennessee 38173-0823.