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There are two state agencies that can offer Sumner County judicial records; the clerk of court’s office and the Circuit Tribunal. There will be some degree of overlap in the body of information maintained by these agencies. However, by far the county clerk’s office takes the lead when it comes to the volume of court documents kept by them. The tribunals in the area will only maintain court dockets that are connected to the trials that have been heard by them.

In contrast, the clerk of court’s office is responsible for handling the main repository of judicial records for Sumner Count, TN. So, the personnel of this department handle information pertaining to criminal as well as civil cases heard across the spectrum of tribunals in the area. Applicants are given three ways in which they can initiate a Sumner County case search.

You can walk in to the agency office, which is located at 155 East Main St. Annex, Gallatin, Tennessee 37066, and pay a small fee to get the investigation under way or you can touch base with the office by writing to them. In both scenarios, you will be expected to incur the cost of the investigation. A third option is offered in the form of the public service terminals made available to civilian applicants.

These computers can be used for free by just presenting a photo ID. You will find that the systems are connected to the database of court dockets of the county clerk’s office. You will be allowed to search for the judicial records you need for no cost at all. However, if you need printouts, these will be charged nominally.

To get a case search in Sumner County conducted through the courts of the region, you can go to the 18th District and Sessions Court at Public Sq, PO Box 549 Gallatin, TN 37066. They handle requests for court documents from civil and criminal cases, but all inquiries are assisted. This means you will have to pay for them, and you will only be allowed to initiate the investigation in person.