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To get a Knox County inmate search handled, you could go to the sheriff’s office in your area. However, be warned that they will not be able to tell you about convicts who have been found guilty of serious criminal infractions that call for more than one year in prison. The local police do not house arrestees, who are undergoing trial, at the precinct or even at the sheriff’s office.

These defendants, if they are not released on bail, will be lodged in the jails across the county. These facilities are also designed to handle the detention of those convicts who are serving a year long sentence or less than that. For such prisoners, you will need to do a Knox County jail inmate search.

The sheriff’s office provides two options for local inmate lookups. It is possible to use their inmate locator program on their website at This is a list of all the prisoners who are currently being held in the local jail. Also, the page has an inmate finder facility that can be used to find a specific prisoner. Another way to connect with the sheriff’s office is by calling on them at 400 W Main St, Knoxville, TN 37902, United States.

The DOC of TN also has to be discussed when talking about Knox County prison inmate searches. This is the agency that maintains all the state prisons. So, they handle the processing of convicts who are found guilty of serious criminal transgressions, which have got them more than one year’s worth of jail time.

Like the sheriff’s office, the Department of Corrections of Tennessee also offers a range of choices for people who are interested in Knox County prison inmate searches. One of these options is to use their online facility. Available on their website at, you will have to find the option the link that reads “FOIL inmate search” to your right. Click on this, and you will be redirected to the inmate locator feature of the site.