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If you ever feared that you or someone you know might get arrested by the cops, you are right to be concerned about the risk of having an active arrest warrant from Anderson County, TN, in your name. It would be a grave mistake to assume that only criminals get pulled up with arrest warrants against them.

Au contraire, all it takes is a case of mistaken identity or theft of identity to put an innocent person in the legal spotlight. So, to ward off such risks, it is crucial to conduct periodic warrant searches. For the task, you will need to approach certain government offices like:

The magistrate’s office: This branch of the judiciary acts as the starting point for all arrest orders in Anderson County, including bench warrants. The sitting magistrate is legally bound to verify that there is probable cause to suspect an individual before a warrant is issued. To get in touch with the magistrate’s court for outstanding warrant related inquiry, you will have to head to 100 N Main St, Clinton, TN 37716.

The county clerk: The office of the clerk of court also works out of the same location, so when in the area, kill two birds with one stone and visit both agencies. Not only will you be able to get more extensive information about the subject of your inquiry, but also you will get unhindered access to the court dockets, which are the official summary of cases brought before the tribunals.

The sheriff’s department: The police will undoubtedly be able to help you with all information about warrants. After all, the law enforcement officials are left to deal with the execution of arrest orders. To connect with the sheriff’s office, you will have to go to 101 South Main Street, Suite 400, Clinton, Tennessee 37716. 865-457-2414

Over the 9 year interval between 2000 and 2008, an estimated 20,000 crimes were reported in Anderson County, TN. This works out to a stunning annual average of over 2000 criminal instances. Three-quarters of these are incidents of property theft, murder, and sexual assault and contribute to the total figure with nearly 2 and 15 cases lodged every year.

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