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Generally, the police choose to use an arrest warrant to apprehend an alleged criminal unless the person is arrested at the crime scene or is found to have illegal substances, arms, etc. The process for the procurement of an active arrest warrant, while straightforward, is one that has to be followed judiciously.

The sheriff’s department approaches the local criminal court with a written affidavit, which forms the basis of the magistrate’s decision on whether or not a warrant should be issued. If the information provided establishes probable cause, an active arrest order is issued. Such an order is almost always immediately executed, but in the rare case that it isn’t, the document is stored in the police database at various levels.

If you are interested in a warrant search, you should definitely visit the local precinct or the sheriff’s Office of Sullivan County, TN. It is located at 140 Blountville Byp, Blountville, Tennessee 37617. The records department can also be contacted over the phone by dialing 423-279-7500, but they will not offer information on arrest records over the phone.

Because all outstanding warrants issued in Sullivan County have found their way into the hands of the police through the judicial route, the county clerk’s office also maintains all records of warrants in the court dockets. This administrative wing of the judiciary is located at 3258 Highway 126, Suite 101. Blountville, TN 37617. You can also call on 423-323-6428 or fax on 423-279-2725.

Alternatively, you can also directly head to the magistrate’s office that granted the order to peace officers. This is located at the Sullivan County Justice Center 140 Blountville Bypass, P.O. Box 585, Blountville, TN 37617. You can call them on 423- 279-2752 and fax on 423-323-374.

The current crime scenario in Sullivan County, TN, is decidedly worse than what it was about a decade ago. In 1999 a little over 400 violent crime cases were being filed in the area; however, ten years down the line, this figure has swelled by almost 40%. At the time of writing this article, the county’s annual crime average stood at a little over 5500 incidents, and over 10% of these were violent in nature.

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