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The issue of an active warrant in Henderson County, Tennessee, signals the start of criminal proceedings in a specific matter. The police get the ball rolling by approaching the court for arrest warrants in criminal cases. This is done by filing an affidavit that has details on the illicit act and explaining why the person in question is being suspected of committing it.

Although the judiciary holds the ultimate authority when it comes to warrants in Henderson, the fact remains that the sitting magistrate cannot issue a warrant unless he establishes probable cause. This can only be done based on the affidavit filed by the cops. When the petition’s information is found to be inadequate, the judge can order the witnesses and victim to depose under oath.

The Henderson county clerk’s office, which sends one of its deputies to record the trial happenings in the court dockets, also gets all the information about a case. When an arrest order is served, the original document is sent back to the magistrate’s office to show that the decree is no longer an outstanding warrant.

From here, this information is relayed to the office of the clerk of court. When the magistrate receives the warrant, preparations are made for a bail hearing. While a warrant from Henderson County does allow the police to use force to arrest the offender, the accused must be taken to court at the earliest for a bail hearing. If you would like a state agency to undertake a warrant search for you or want to find arrest records against a person, you can go to:

  • Sheriff’s Office: 50 Natchez Trace Dr, Lexington, Tennessee 38351
  • The judge’s office: 17 Monroe Ave, Lexington, TN 38351
  • Clerk of court’s office: PO Box 528, Lexington, Tennessee 38351

Henderson County, Tennessee, has a relatively high crime rate with annual incident figures in the vicinity of 800 occurrences. Of these, nearly 15% were violent crimes; this despite a reduction of 4% in rates of violent acts. Also, there was a decrease of almost 50% in reported crimes from 2001 to 2008.

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