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In Johnson County, Tennessee an active warrant is issued when the judge is convinced of the evidence that has been presented by the police in front of the court. Probable cause has to be ascertained before an arrest order is handed out to the police and only the magistrate maintains the authority to ensure that there is enough meat in the case being brought against the accused.

Once a warrant is issued, it will generally be served within a few hours. However, such arrest orders that remain unexecuted for a long time become outstanding warrants and information about these is relayed to peace officers from all over the country. While not all criminals figure in the list of the nations’ most wanted; if an arresting officer wants to access information on the arrest records of a person, it is very easy to do so.

Although the FBI hosted repository of active warrants from Johnson County and the rest of the nation is accessible to members of law enforcement, for the public who seek a warrant search, the only option is to go through a local justice agency. For information on arrest warrants, you can choose to approach the office of the sheriff, county clerk’s department or the magistrate’s court.

All these agencies will also offer additional information apart from details pertaining to active warrants. The extra data will generally include civil records from Johnson County, court dockets, crime statistics from the area compiled by the state law enforcement agency and information on bench warrants along with other legal provisions. To get in touch with the agencies listed above, go to:

  • The sheriff’s office: 999 Honeysuckle Street, Mountain City, Tennessee 37683
  • The office of the county clerk: 222 Main Street, Mountain City, Tennessee 37683
  • The office of the judiciary: 222 W Main St, Mountain City, TN 37683

With less than 200 incidents of crime reported each year in Johnson County, TN, the area figures in the list of the safest counties in the state. Despite this, residents are concerned about the fact that most criminal occurrences take place when the victim is close to his/her place of work or residence.

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