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Although there has been a slight decrease in the criminal activity of Cheatham, Tennessee over the last couple of years, it would still be prudent to play it safe and conduct a warrant search when taking on a new employee for a business in the county.

In fact, crime experts even go so far as to suggest that you also ought to peep into the criminal past of personal associates. Fortunately, whether you are looking for information on outstanding warrants issued against a prospective employee or a new friend, the process can be undertaken discreetly and can be completed quickly.

All you need to do is contact the sheriff’s office of Cheatham County, TN and request them to run the name of a person through their database of active warrants. Actually, such a request will usually mean that you will receive a complete background report from the police on the subject.

It is also possible to initiate a similar search for arrest records through the magistrate’s office or that of the county clerk. As a matter of fact, if you would like the inquiry to transcend the bounds of just criminal cases and go into civil territory, this would be a better option as the county clerk is the keeper of the court dockets and other trial related information.

So, for information on arrest warrants in Cheatham County, you can go to:

  • The sheriff’s office: 200 Court Sq, Ashland City, Tennessee 37015
  • The magistrate’s office: 100 Public Square, Ashland City, Tennessee 37015
  • The clerk of court’s office: Same as above

With less than 600 criminal complaints filed every year Cheatham, TN is one of the safer geographical divisions of the state. Of the total annual criminal activity less than 10% is attributed to acts of violent crime. In fact, the number of violent criminal complaints actually went down by over 10% through 1999 to 2008. However, overall crime did show a growth of almost 30%.

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