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The police of Sumner County, TN, can only procure an arrest warrant by approaching the criminal chapter of the local circuit or district court or any other branch of the judiciary that is authorized to preside on cases of a criminal nature. Once a warrant is issued, it is served by the sheriff’s department, so not only the issuing court but also the police have a detailed account of all arrest records from the area.

So, if you are looking for information on active arrest warrants, try the Sherriff’s Office first. They are located at 117 W Smith St, Gallatin, Tennessee 37066. You can also call them on 615-452-2616, but warrant searches are not allowed over the phone, so a visit in person is the only option.

You may also want to try the county clerk’s office. They are the official maintainers of the court dockets; these are nothing but case records, and they are created for all civil and criminal matters that pass through the judiciary.

So, you can easily find information on an outstanding warrant if you have the name of your subject. You can reach the clerk of court’s office by driving to their Main Office at 3258 Highway 126, Suite 101, Blountville, TN 37617. You can also relay your request over the phone by calling on 423-323-6428, but you will need to show up in person to collect the data.

Then, there is the magistrate’s office; they issue the warrant, so they are bound to maintain a log of all arrest orders handed out by them. They are located at 200 Courthouse, Gallatin, TN 37066.

A look at the criminal activity in Sumner County, TN over the ten-year interval starting in1999 and ending in 2008 shows that there has been an average increase of 30 % in the number of complaints filed in the area. At the time of writing this article, Sumner had an annual crime rate of almost 4000, of which over 20 incidents were homicide-related, and almost 400 were sexual assault cases.

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