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The burgeoning increase in the crime rates of Shelby County means that you have to be particularly mindful of arrest records and criminal background checks when forging new business and even personal alliances.Fortunately, the state agencies of Shelby County, TN make it easy to find all information pertaining to active arrest warrants issued by local criminal courts.

To begin with, start your hunt for outstanding warrant information at the local sheriff’s office which is located at 201 Poplar Ave, Memphis, Tennessee 38103. Call the admin or the records department of the agency to get information on the exact procedure to be followed for a warrant search; you can contact them on 901-545-5500.

It is also possible to conduct an online warrant check at which is the official website of the law enforcement agency. If you are looking for information on arrest orders that were issued in non criminal matters, you will need to contact the civil division of the sheriff’s office at 1075 Mullins Station, Bldg C, Memphis, Tennessee 38134.

Two other sources of information which happen to be located on the same street as the sheriff’s department are the office of the clerk of court and the magistrate’s court.Both can be found on 201 Poplar Ave. Memphis, TN  38103. However, for the county clerk’s office you will need to visit Suite 4-10 while the Court House works out of Suite LL-81.

Their contact numbers are also different, while the county clerk can be contacted at 901-222-3200, for the magistrate’s office you will need to dial 901-222-3500. Both these sources can be used to look through the court dockets which have records on all civil as well as criminal matters that are presented before the judiciary in Shelby County, TN.

Over the last couple of years, there has been a gradual but distinct increase in the rate of crime in Shelby, TN. The overall crime average went up by almost 30% between 1999 and 2009. Currently, almost 70,000 crimes are reported in the area each year which translates to roughly over 200 criminal complaints filed each day.

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