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The term active arrest warrant refers to a judicial document that orders the local sheriff’s department to apprehend an individual and present him before the court. While bench warrants and summons are issued even by civil and family courts, an arrest warrant can only be handed out by the sitting magistrate of a criminal court in Washington County, TN.

Although there can be several reasons why a person may be interested in scouring through the arrest records of Washington, TN, there are only 3 official sources of such information.

The most obvious government agency to approach is the Sherriff’s Department. You can call on them at 112 W Jackson Blvd, Jonesborough, Tennessee 37659 and request a warrant search. While the department’s official site also lists their phone number as 423-788-1414, it would be futile to take this route as the police will not provide information on outstanding warrants on the phone. If you are looking for more recent criminal data, try the most wanted list on the sheriff’s department’s site at http://www.wcso.net/Divisions/mostwanted.html.

The county clerk’s office is also a definitive source of information on all arrest records and judicial detention orders issued in the county. This data is stored in the form of court dockets and are maintained by the members of the clerk of courts office. Visit this administrative wing of the judiciary at 100 E. Main St., Jonesborough (Courthouse). You can also call them on423-753-1621 or fax on 423-753-1647.

A final official source of this data is the magistrate’s court; to connect with this office, you will need to visit 107 Courthouse SquareJonesborough, TN 37659, or call on 423-753-1631.

From the year 1999 to 2008, an estimated 44,000 crimes were reported in Washington County, of which over 10% were violent in nature. This puts the annual crime average at around 4400 incidents; the figure includes almost 40 murders and nearly 250 rapes.

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