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You have the statutory right to look for information on arrest records and warrants from Fentress County, Tennessee and this privilege can be exercised at any of the local government agencies that keep data pertaining to arrest warrants issued by the tribunals in the area. While detention decrees from both the civil and criminal courts find their way to the office of the sheriff, there is a difference in how these orders work.

Arrest directives issued by the criminal courts are called active warrants while those released by the civil tribunals are known as bench warrants. The primary difference in these detention orders is that bench warrants come with a fixed validity and they are often issued by the court on its own.

In contrast, an active arrest order merely becomes an outstanding warrant over time without any real change brought to its powers. Also, these orders are only issued when the police file a request for it with the local court that handles criminal cases. Because the sheriff’s deputies are responsible for serving all legal provisions released by the local judiciary, you will find information on arrest warrants, search orders as well bench warrants from the law enforcement agency.

However, in order to start a Fentress warrant search, you will have to go to the police station in person. Alternatively, you can also try the office of the magistrate and the county clerk’s department which has the database of the court dockets. These agencies can be found at:

  • The sheriff’s: 100 Smith St South, Jamestown, Tennessee 38556
  • The county clerk’s: PO Box 1128, Jamestown, Tennessee 38556
  • The magistrate’s: 101 N Main St, Jamestown, TN 38556

Of the 330 crime reports filed in Fentress County, TN only about 30 are cases of violent crime. This puts the annual rate of this crime category at about 10% of the total incident average. Unfortunately, there are no signs of improvement in the crime scenario of Fentress with an increase of nearly 80% reported in the number of criminal incidents from 2001 to 2008.

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