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Contrary to popular perception, arrest warrants are not just handed to the police because they need the order to make a random arrest. In fact, the law enforcement agency and/or the state prosecutors have to follow strict legal guidelines for active arrest warrants from Weakley County, TN.

The process starts when an individual emerges as the prime suspect in a criminal matter. While such an individual can be called in for questioning, whether to show up or not will entirely be at his discretion. However, a warrant against such an individual works as a game-changer. The police then have the authority to detain the alleged offender and even arrest him by employing force.

Because such a judicial decree is a vital legal instrument, the police maintain arrest records and information on all outstanding warrants from Weakley, TN. In fact, you could also initiate a warrant search through the office of the issuing authority, which in this case is the office of the magistrate.

Apart from these two agencies, the county clerk’s office also records warrant issues and their execution as they maintain the court dockets for criminal and civil cases. Actually, they also hold data on bench warrants and search orders. However, you will not find exclusive criminal information with them like a list of the most wanted. However, if you merely want to do a warrant search, you can call on any of these agencies at:

  • Sheriff: 7951 Highway 22, Dresden, Tennessee 38225.
  • County clerk: 116 W Main St, Dresden, TN 38225.
  • MC: As given above.


If you need information on Weakley County recent arrest and warrants, whom should you call? (In 2021)

  • Recent arrests and warrants search: Sheriff’s Department- (731) 364-5454.
  • Victim support and information: District Attorney’s Office- (731) 364-5513.
  • Criminal case records: Clerk of Court- (731) 364-3455


Crime Statistics of Weakley County

In 2019, the Weakley Sheriff’s Department dealt with 143 criminal complaints, as opposed to the 125 cases registered in 2018. These included 116 non-violent crimes and 27 violent crimes.

The non-violent crimes category included 53 larceny thefts, 45 burglaries, and 18 motor vehicle thefts. Of the violent offenses, 19 were aggravated assaults and 7 were rapes.

Of the 700 crimes that occur in Weakley County annually, nearly 12% are instances of violent crime, while a mammoth 88% are complaints filed in property-related matters. The daily crime average stands at almost 2 occurrences while almost 6 cases of sexual assault are reported in the area each year compared to the less than 2 instances of homicide that transpire biannually.

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