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Before you conduct a warrant search or go scouring for arrest records all over the net, you should understand how official arrest orders work and what they signify. While not a verdict, the release of an active arrest warrant highlights that there is probable cause to believe that the person in whose name the warrant is being released has committed the crime.

Once handed over to a peace officer, an active arrest warrant never goes out of effect; it is merely stored in the state and national police database as an outstanding arrest warrant. Of course, the simplest way to get information on arrest records is to visit the sheriff’s office of Bradley County, TN. They are located at:

Address: 2290 Blythe Avenue Cleveland, Tennessee 37311Tel no: 423-728-7300

At this point, the official website of Bradley Sherriff’s department does not offer a most-wanted list.

Another surefire recourse is to approach the office of the County Clerk of Bradley. Because an arrest warrant can only be issued by a judicial body, all arrest records are also maintained in the court dockets. The office of the clerk of the court is situated in the Bradley Courthouse at 155 Ocoee St., Room 101, Cleveland, TN 37311. You can also contact them by phone by dialing 423- 728-7226 or by fax at 423-478-8845. They accept requests for information from Monday to Friday during business hours.

Similarly, you can also get in touch with the office of the Magistrate who issued the warrant. For Bradley County, TN, this is located at 155 N Ocoee St, Cleveland, TN 37311, and you can call them on 423-728-7226.

Since the year 1999, the crime rate in Bradley, TN, has risen by an astounding 70% and more. An estimated 30,000 criminal reports are lodged in the area every year, and most of these incidents transpire within a short distance of the victim’s home or office, which is certainly a cause for alarm.

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