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With an unprecedented crime wave sweeping the country in response to burgeoning joblessness claims and a dwindling economic environment, taking on new staff without the requisite warrant search is not an option. Fortunately, it does not take a lot to look for information on active arrest warrants in Greene County, TN.

The magistrate’s court plays a central role in the issue of all arrest warrants in the area; this includes not only orders for detention issued in felonies, which are generally requested by the police, but also bench warrants and subpoenas.

So, naturally, when looking for data on outstanding warrants, it would serve you well to make the magistrate’s office your starting point. The judicial agency is located at 101 South Main Street, Greenville, Tennessee 37743.

The best part of approaching the judiciary for information on arrest records and warrants in Greene County is that you can also visit the county clerk’s office while you are in the area. Both the magistrate and the clerk of court work out of the county courthouse.

When you go to the county clerk’s office for information on arrest warrants, you will be provided access to the court dockets, which are official summaries of tribunal proceedings. So, along with the data on all active warrants issued in a case, you can also find out about the verdict and sentencing, etc.

If your quest stops at a basic criminal history check, the sheriff’s office should also do. You can approach the agency by calling on them at 116 E Depot Street, Greeneville, Tennessee 37743. To fax your formal request, dial 423-798-1801.


Is it possible to get information on Greene County arrest warrants and recent arrests over the phone? (2021-Update)

  • To find out about recent arrests, contact the Greene County Detention Center at 423-798-1802.
  • To find information about arrest warrants or to contact a detective, contact the Sheriff’s Department at 423-798-1800.
  • To get information on obtaining access to criminal court records, contact the Clerk’s Office at 423-798-1760.
  • To inquire about the help available for crime victims and witnesses, call the DA’s Office at 423- 787-1450.


Crime statistics of Greene County

In 2019, the Sheriff’s Department of Greene County dealt with about 1056 criminal complaints. Property offenses accounted for 888 of the complaints. There are 487 larceny-theft cases, 258 burglary cases, and 143 vehicle theft cases in this category. Around 155 instances of assault and 8 of rape were a part of the complaints filed against violent crimes.

Over the first five years of the decade that started in 1999, the crime rate of Greene County, TN was fairly low, with property crime complaints numbered well below 1000 and instances of violent crime clocking only about 100 cases. However, after the massive jump in these figures in 2004, the crime rates have steadily escalated. At the end of the ten-year period, both violent and property crime were up by an average of over 50%.

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