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When an active warrant is issued in Chester County, Tennessee, the court instructs the police to have it served at the earliest opportunity. Because the judiciary is directly involved in the process warrant issue, a person arrested through such an order can only be released when a judicial entity intervenes in the matter.

This is done through a formal bail hearing. The suspect has the statutory right to apply for bail regardless of how gruesome the crime he is being accused of. However, just because the law grants this privilege to the alleged offender does not mean that freedom is guaranteed. If an outstanding warrant from Chester County has been left to stagnate in the police database for a long time before it can be executed, this does not bode well for the defendant.

Usually, the court will frown on attempts to evade arrest, and such an individual will be considered a high-risk criminal; hence bail may be denied. So, instead of letting the law catch you unawares, it would be best to get a warrant search from Chester to look for any active detention orders in your name.

You can browse through a third-party repository of arrest records or approach a government agency and request them to look for crime information against the subject of your inquiry. Notice how only the privately maintained database option is open for people who have an active warrant against them. To avail of these options, you will have to:

  • Internet-based warrant search: Use the form given above to access a reliable and up to date database of arrest records and warrants
  • Inquiry through a state agency: To file a request for an inquiry into the issue of arrest warrants, go to:
  1. The police: 333 Eric Bell Dr, Henderson, Tennessee 38340
  2. The magistrate: 126 Crook Ave, Henderson, TN 38340
  3. The county clerk: 159 East Main Street, Henderson, Tennessee 38340

Will state agencies provide arrest records or information on warrants issued in Chester County over the phone? (Updated-2021)

  • To find information about recent arrests, contact the Sheriff’s Office at (731) 423-5409.
  • To access details on active warrants, get in touch with the General Sessions Court at (731) 989-2454.
  • To obtain information about victim services, call the following phone number (731) 423-5800.
  • To learn more about obtaining criminal court records, reach out to the Clerk of Court at (731) 989-2454.

Crime statistics of Chester County

In 2019, the Chester Sheriff’s Office received 104 criminal complaints, compared to the 55 cases received in 2018. Nearly 80 property offenses and more than 20 violent crimes were a part of the annual average.

Around 35 larceny thefts, 30 burglaries, and 12 motor vehicle thefts were reported under the category of property offenses. Nearly 20 aggravated assaults and 6 rapes were included in the category of violent crimes.

Older crime statistics

The sheriff’s office of Chester County, TN, receives almost 370 complaints each year. The total incident rate for the area was down at just about 200 in 2001, and it has since increased to well over 350, clocking in a growth rate of almost 50%.

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