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If you are looking for information on arrest warrants issued by the courts of Lawrence County, Tennessee, be prepared to run to one or more state agencies. Although most government entities provide information on arrest records, they do not offer online searches through their active warrants database.

In fact, while you can file a request for records about outstanding warrants by writing to the agency of your choice, you will have to visit the office in person to get your hands on the data. The only saving grace here is that the judiciary and the sheriff’s office of Lawrence, TN, will be more than willing to offer extensive information on your subject’s criminal background.

So, if you have decided to do a warrant search in Lawrence County, begin at the sheriff’s office. You can expect to find an up to date, most wanted list along with all details about any criminal activity that the subject of your inquiry was involved in.

Alternatively, you can also head to the magistrate’s court. Because this is the office that actually issues all arrest warrants, they will undoubtedly have all data about such detention orders, including information on how the case played out and punishment meted out to the offender in a particular matter.

Finally, the county clerk’s office will provide records on all civil and criminal matters that a person was involved in since they maintain the court dockets. All three agencies work out of 240 West Gaines Street, Lawrenceburg, Tennessee 38464. So, you can cover them all in one visit.


How do you inquire about active warrants and recent arrests from Lawrence County over the phone? (2021-current)

  • You can call Jail Bookings for information on recent arrests-931-762-3646
  • You can contact the Sheriff’s Office to obtain information on arrest warrants – 931-762-3626.
  • You can connect with the Criminal Investigations Unit to inquire about a case- 931-762-1608.
  • You can call the DA’s Office for victim’s assistance- 931-766-1453.
  • You can contact the Clerk of Court for judicial records and a case search- 931-762-4398.


Crime statistics of Lawrence County

In 2019, the Sheriff’s Office of Lawrence County registered approximately 320 criminal cases. Around 267 complaints were submitted for property offenses, while the rest were for violent crimes.

More than 133 reports were filed for larceny-thefts, and over 97 complaints were filed for burglary. Around 43 allegations of aggravated assault were among the 49 complaints lodged against violent crimes.

Through the ten-year period from 1999 to 2001, almost 13,500 criminal complaints were filed in Lawrence County, TN. This puts the annual average at just about 1300 occurrences, of which no less than 17% were instances of violent criminal activity. In fact, the rise of almost 40% in the number of violent crime complaints has been a point of concern for residents and police officers alike.

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