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When on the lookout for information on active arrest warrants in Carter County, TN, you will find that making a trip to the sheriff’s office as well as the local justice center will be inevitable. The magistrate’s court that issues the warrant stores the original affidavit filed to request the warrant in a hard copy and holds the detention order in an electronic format.

The original warrant is sent to the sheriff’s office for execution. This is held till such time that an arrest is made through the use of the outstanding warrant, at which point, it is resubmitted in court. The county clerk’s office also plays a role in this exchange of information. This division of the judiciary is charged with the maintenance of trial summary. Called the court dockets, these case proceedings are made available to the public on request.

So, when conducting a warrant search in Carter County, you can approach either the judiciary or the local law enforcement office. At this time, none of these agencies offer online support or even a most wanted list on their website. So, visiting the agency office in person is the only solution. Here are the addresses of these state entities, along with their contact numbers.

  • The sheriff’s department: 900 E Elk Ave, Elizabethton, Tennessee 37643. T
  • The magistrate’s court: 900 E Elk Ave, Elizabethton, TN 37643.
  • The county clerk’s office: 801 Elk Avenue, Elizabethton, Tennessee 37643-2496.


How do you inquire about active warrants and recent arrests from Carter County over the phone? (2021-current)

  • Inquiries about recent arrest: (423) 542-1855.
  • General inquiries about crime and criminals: (423) 542-1845.
  • Inquiries about criminal investigations: (423) 542-1849.
  • Inquiries about arrest warrants: (423) 518-1310.
  • Inquiries about requesting an accident/incident/arrest report: (423) 542-1852.
  • Inquiries about court records: (423) 542-1835.
  • Inquiries about victim/witness services: (423) 547-5897.


Crime statistics of Carter County

In 2019, the Carter Sheriff’s Office received 397 criminal complaints, compared to 581 in 2018. There were 334 property offenses and 63 violent crimes among them.

Property offenses included 236 larceny thefts, 67 burglaries, and 31 motor vehicle thefts. In the category of violent crimes, there were 57 aggravated assaults, 3 rapes, and 3 robberies.

Of the nearly 1300 crimes that occur in Carter County, TN, each year, almost 100 are incidents that are violent in nature. These include rapes and homicides with less than one case of homicide per year and about 6 instances of sexual assault. Through the ten years from 1999 to 2008, Carter’s crime rate increased by almost 60%.

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