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Would you actually savor the idea of being handcuffed and taken from your home in front of your loved ones and neighbors? If you answered that question with a terrified “no,” it is high time that you do a warrant search from Overton County, TN, in your name. If you have been dismissing the importance of such an inquiry under the assumption that only criminals get involved in legal tangles, think again!

The investigating officers are also human, after all, so they can make a mistake and accuse the wrong person. Again, in case of identity theft, they will come after the person whose name the warrant was released. So, given the rising instances of such fraudulent activities, it is imperative to look for Overton arrest warrants in your name every few months.

Even if you need to inquire into the criminal past of somebody you know, looking for active warrants against the subject and his/her arrest records from Overton County will be quite enough. For these, you can go to the sheriff’s office or one of the judicial agencies mentioned below.

  • Department of the sheriff: 1010 John T Poindexter Ln, Livingston, Tennessee 38570
  • The magistrate: 317 E University St, Livingston, TN 38570
  • The office of the county clerk: 317 University Street, Livingston, Tennessee 38570

For a small fee, these government departments will look through their database of Overton court dockets and criminal records for you. The results will typically include the names of all offenders from the area who meet your search criteria. So if you have additional details about the person like the social security number, etc., it will certainly help to narrow down the results of your search for outstanding warrants.

The police have been unable to control the growth of almost 80% in the rates of violent and overall crime in Overton County, Tennessee. Every year from 2001 onwards, 300 incidents of crime occurred every year. Fortunately, less than 10% of these were violent.

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