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Once an active arrest warrant is issued against you in Putnam County, TN, it will only be a matter of time before you are taken into custody. It is imperative to understand that a judicial detention order of this type never goes out of effect. Even after several years, it persists in the national crime database in the form of an outstanding warrant.

Because all law enforcement agencies across the country have access to the centralized FBI crime repository, it won’t take a peace officer long to conduct a quick warrant search on you. Once he/she finds out that there is indeed a warrant in your name, you will be arrested on the spot.

Instead of letting this eventuality catch you unawares, it would best to tackle any arrest warrants you might have in your name through an attorney’s help.

To begin with, you will have to send your legal representative or a friend over to one of the three government agencies mentioned below to ascertain that there indeed is a warrant out in your name in Putnam. Remember that any attempt to contact a state agency on your own can lead to disastrous results as you are bound to get arrested.

If somebody is searching for arrest warrants in Putnam County on your behalf, it would be best if they kept this information to themselves; ask them to visit:

The sheriff’s office: In Putnam, the office of the law enforcement agency is located at 421 E Spring St, Cookeville, Tennessee 38501.

The county clerk’s office: In charge of maintaining the court dockets, the clerk will offer information on criminal and non-criminal cases. The clerk of court’s office is situated at the Courthouse, Cookeville, Tennessee 38503-0220.

The magistrate’s court: For the court of the magistrate, which is the issuing authority in case of arrest warrants, you can go to 421 E Spring St, Cookeville, TN 38501.


Can you get information on recent arrests and active warrants from Putnam County over the phone? (2021-data)

  • To get a copy of an accident or arrest report, contact the Sheriff’s Office at (931) 528-8484.
  • To get information on a recent arrest, contact Putnam County Jail Administration at (931)528-8484, ext. 3255.
  • To discover how to get access to criminal case records, contact the Clerk of Court’s office at (931) 528-1508.
  • To inquire about help available for a crime victim, contact the District Attorney’s Office at (931) 528-5015.


Crime statistics of Putnam County

Between 2018 and 2019, the annual crime average of Putnam County decreased by almost 19%. As opposed to the incident rate of almost 752 cases in 2018, in the following year, around 603 complaints were filed with the Sheriff’s Office. Of these complaints, around 518 were against property crimes and 85 were against violent crimes. Putnam County, TN has an annual crime rate of almost 1500 incidents, of which no less than 1300 are instances of robbery, theft, and other property-related nefarious activities. However, such violent felonies like rape and murder also contribute to the county’s total crime figures with almost 2 and 16 cases, respectively, per annum.

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