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Once an active arrest warrant has been issued in McMinn County, it never goes out of effect. Depending on the status of its execution and how old it is, the arrest order is merely segregated into a different category and stored in the various state-maintained databases.

For instance, upon release, the judiciary hands all arrest warrants, including such detention orders like bench warrants and also search decrees to the police for execution. While law enforcement is in the process of serving these orders, the arrest decree is known as an active arrest warrant, and both the county courts as well as the sheriff’s department maintain records about the order.

For some reason, if the decree for detention is not used to effect an arrest within a short period after its release, the order merely gets held back in the system under the category of outstanding warrants. It is imperative to understand that the change in name does not impact the powers of such an order in any sense.

An arrest can still be made through the use of a warrant years after its issue. So, in other words, if a court has released such an order, there are only two options for the person against whom it has been issued: he/she can surrender or enlist the help of a lawyer to handle the matter.

For a McMinn County, TN warrant search, you will need to approach either the law enforcement agency of the county or the judicial department. To start your hunt for information on outstanding warrants, go to the sheriff’s office, which is located at 1319 S White St, Athens, Tennessee 37371-0649. This agency will be able to give you in-depth information on criminal history.

If you seek details about a specific case and have the information about it, take your search to the magistrate’s office, which is located at 1175 Tennessee 10 Scenic, Lafayette, TN 37083. Finally, you will also get data on all civil and criminal cases from the county clerk’s office as they maintain the court dockets. This agency works out of 6 East Madison Avenue, Athens, Tennessee 37303.


How do you get information about McMinn County warrants and arrests over the phone? (Updated in 2021)

  • To know about general law and order issues, contact the Sheriff’s Department at (423) 745-5620.
  • To request access to arrest records and police reports, contact the agency at (423) 745-5620., ext.101.
  • To find out about recent arrests, contact the Athens County Jail automated phone line at (423) 252-5115.
  • To learn how to obtain criminal case records, contact the Clerk of Court’s office at (423) 745-1923.
  • To request victim’s assistance information, contact the District Attorney’s Office at (423) 744-2830.


Crime statistics of McMinn County

The overall crime rate of McMinn County increased by 3% between 2018 and 2019. As compared to the nearly 623 complaints filed in 2018, the local police only received approximately 642 complaints in 2019. Of the cases registered, 549 were against property crimes, with larceny-theft complaints taking the lead in this category, with 255 complaints. Violent crimes led to the filing of 93 complaints.

Of the nearly 2000 criminal complaints lodged in McMinn County, TN every year, well over 12% are violent. Over the decade that ended in 2008, both violent and overall crime rates increased by an average of 70%.

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