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If there is an active warrant from Henry County, Tennessee, in your name, you should be anxious as this can get you arrested at any time and from anywhere. If you have been unwittingly or deliberately involved in a criminal act and have left behind enough proof, the police will seek an arrest order from the court against you.

For people, who are not sure how Henry arrest warrants work, it would certainly help to learn the impact that such a judicial provision can have on their lives. All outstanding warrants from Henry County are made a part of the national crime database as soon as the sheriff’s department figures out that an arrest cannot be immediately made through the provisions of the order.

Once this is done, arrest records and information on active warrants are essentially made available to every police officer from the country. So, even a trivial legal issue can get a person with an outstanding warrant in his name in a lot of trouble. If the crime of which this individual is being accused is serious enough, he may even be arrested and deported to the issuing county.

So, it always helps to have a fair idea about any Henry arrest warrants that have been issued in your name. For a search, you can approach one of the state agencies listed below, or you could use an online database. To access an internet-based repository for a warrant search, fill the form above. Alternatively, you can go to:

  • Sheriff’s Office: 210 Forrest Heights, PO Box 639, Paris, Tennessee 38242
  • Magistrate’s office: 101 W Washington St, Paris, TN 38242
  • County clerk’s office: PO Box 7, Paris, Tennessee 38242

In Henry County, Tennessee, nearly 8000 crimes were reported from 2001 to 2008. So, through this period, the annual crime average was approximately 900 incidents. Of this cumulative figure, only about 11% were violent criminal acts, while the remaining were property crimes. Overall, there was an improvement in the scenario of the area with a reduction of 50% in the occurrence rates of crimes all across the board.

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