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If the police have not secured an active warrant in Haywood County, TN from the local court with criminal jurisdiction, they can only detain a person legally in a limited number of circumstances. Situations in which an individual can be apprehended without an outstanding warrant include:

  • The accused is arrested when actually involved in the illicit act.
  • If the person in question is picked up from the crime scene
  • If the police have reason to believe that the offender has already committed a criminal act or will do so and hard facts back this assumption.
  • When an individual is found to have illegal arms or substances’ on his person during a routine “stop and check.”

Unless these arrest criteria are met, the police cannot detain a person without a judicial order. To get arrest warrants in Haywood County, the sheriff’s office has to file a petition in court. As soon as this is done, the magistrate’s office and the county clerk’s department also get access to the evidence available in the matter and specifics about the offender.

These are offered to the public when a Haywood warrant search is sought through any of the agencies listed below.

  • Police: 1 N Washington Ave, Brownsville, Tennessee 38012
  • Clerk of court: 1 North Washington Street, Brownsville, Tennessee 38012-2561
  • Judiciary: 11 S Lafayette Ave, Brownsville, TN 38012

Who should you be calling for details about Haywood County warrants and recent arrests? (Updated in 2021)            

  • Phone number of Haywood County Jail for information about arrests and an inmate search- 731-772-2914
  • Phone number of the Sheriff’s Office for requesting police reports (accident and arrest records)- 731-772-6158
  • Phone number of Brownsville PD for details on arrests and warrants handled by them- 731-772-1266.
  • Phone number of the Victim-Witness Service for help offered to victims of crime- 731-855-7813.
  • Phone number of the Clerk of Court for judicial records- 731-772-1112.

Crime statistics of Haywood County

Between 2018 and 2019, Haywood County’s crime rate decreased by about 3%, from an annual average of 175 incidents to 169. In 2019, 133 complaints were submitted for property offenses, while the rest were for violent crimes.

More than 60 reports were filed for larceny-thefts, and over 45 complaints were filed for burglary. Around 30 allegations of aggravated assault were among the 36 complaints lodged against violent crimes.

Older Crime statistics

Haywood County, TN, lies at the upper end of the state’s crime spectrum, with an annual crime average of almost 900 occurrences. Also, in terms of violent crime, the area ranks fairly high, with an incident rate of 16% of the total crime figure. Despite a reduction of over 300% in violent crime rates and an over 100% decrease in the number of overall crimes, the high annual crime rate remains a concern.

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