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While most of us have heard the term “warrants” being thrown around frequently in television shows and legal circles, few of us know what arrest warrants from Smith County, Tennessee are all about and what they indicate about a person’s involvement in an illicit act. Although these orders by no means prove the guilt of an accused, the mere issue of an active warrant means that there is enough proof to hold the individual in question accountable for a criminal act.

It is imperative to understand that the police are not left to their own means when it comes to arresting an accused. Whether the suspects are taken into custody with or without arrest warrants, the judiciary will come into the picture very soon after a person has been detained.

If the police need a warrant to effect the arrest, this has to be sought from the judiciary. On the other hand, if the person is apprehended without using one, he/she cannot be detained unless the police have significant proof against him and intend to produce him/her in court within a couple of hours. Regardless of whether the detention occurs with or without a warrant, all information about it is included in Smith County, Tennessee’s arrest records.

Similarly, when an arrest order is issued, details relating to it are stored in the database of outstanding warrants. All this information is made available to the state prosecution team and the judiciary when the case goes to trial. To get your hands on this information, you can do a warrant search in Smith County through:

  • The office of the sheriff: 205 2nd Ave W, Carthage, Tennessee 37030
  • The office of the clerk of court: 211 Main St N, Carthage, TN 37030
  • The office of the magistrate: Given above

From 2001 to 2008, nearly 1900 criminal incidents occurred in Smith County, TN. So, the annual crime average of this period can easily be calculated to just about 240 instances. Of this cumulative number, almost 18% of cases were against violent crimes. On average, there was a growth of over 60% in the rates of this crime category.

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