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Lincoln County arrest warrants signify that the police have collected enough evidence in a criminal case to incriminate the offenders that are being accused of the felonies in question. While formal charges are not filed at this stage, the fourth amendment of the United States Constitution does dictate that probable cause should be clearly established before the police are granted such judicial orders for detention.

To ascertain that there are enough grounds for a person of reasonable mind to conclude that the accused indeed did have some involvement in what is being categorized as a crime, the judge relies on the police’s petition. If this writ is found to be inadequate, the victim and the witnesses may even be called in to depose under oath. However, all of this is merely done to ensure that the alleged offender’s rights are not compromised and not to prove the charges.

Yet, the issue of an active warrant in a criminal matter signifies an important stance taken by the police. This is why the sheriff’s office and other justice agencies maintain all records about such judicial decrees. Of course, when the accused is taken into custody, the law enforcement agency also makes a note of this occurrence in the arrest records of the individual.

If you are wondering why this information ought to be of any consequence to a person interested in a warrant search in Lincoln, TN, the answer to that is simple. It will help you approach the right government agency for details. For instance, if you want to know about outstanding warrants, you can go to the office of the magistrate or the sheriff at 4151 Thomson Taylor Pkwy, Fayetteville, Tennessee 37334

In contrast, if you would like details on all criminal matters that your subject was involved in, along with any civil litigations that have been initiated by him or against him, you should go to the office of the clerk of court, which works out of 112 Main Avenue South, Suite 102, Fayetteville, Tennessee 37334. They are charged with the preparation and maintenance of trial records known as court dockets.

Lincoln County, Tennessee, has experienced a surge of almost 60% in the average violent and overall crime rates. So, the current annual crime figure is around 800 instances, of which almost 100 are occurrences of violent crime. Despite the 5 cases of criminal acts being reported in the area every two days, Lincoln is still one of the state’s geographical divisions with a lower than average crime rate.

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