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Clay County arrest warrant searches will get you information on all the criminal wants and detentions within TN’s geographical boundaries. The local justice agencies act as a point of liaison between other law enforcement agencies in the state and the central department in charge of keeping criminal history data.

So, whether you approach the office of the sheriff, the magistrate, or the county clerk, you stand to get information on all the arrest records and outstanding warrants from Clay County and elsewhere in the name of your subject. However, make no mistake; you will not be given access to interstate crime data. This means that if the subject were involved in a criminal act outside Tennessee, you would have no way to find out about this.

On the other hand, when you look for information on arrests and active warrants through a private agency, you will get details on detention orders from everywhere in the country. To get in touch with a third-party data vendor, use the form above. If you would instead consult with a state agency for information on arrest warrants, go to:

  • The police: 400 W Lake Ave, Celina, Tennessee 38551
  • The county clerk: PO Box 387, Celina, Tennessee 38551
  • The court of the magistrate: 100 Courthouse Sq Celina, Celina, TN 38551

What are your options for finding details on warrants and recent arrests from Clay County over the phone? (2021-current)           

  • You will get details on recent arrests from the Clay County Sheriff’s Office- 931-243-3266.
  • You can do a warrant search through the judiciary- 931-243-3145.
  • You can get judicial records from the Office of the Clerk of Court- 931-243-2557.
  • You can get victim’s assistance from the District Attorney’s Office- 931-528-5015.

Crime statistics of Clay County

In 2019, Clay County’s crime rate increased by 35%. Around 14 of the 54 complaints were filed against violent people. These involved 12 cases of physical assault and 2 cases of robbery. The annual crime average included about 40 complaints against property crimes. Among these were 20 cases of larceny-theft, 18 of burglary, and 2 of car theft.

Older crime statistics

Clay County, Tennessee, is one of the state’s low crime areas, with less than 100 criminal reports being filed with the police per annum. Of these incidents, about 13% are violent in nature. If this is not enough to make you sit up and take notice, consider the nearly 80% increase in the rates of violent crime and the increase of almost 70% in overall criminal activity figures, which have been giving residents sleepless nights.

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