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Rhea County, Tennessee active warrants are issued once the police gather a significant amount of proof against an accused. While a person can also be taken into custody without such an order, the local law enforcement prefers to procure these detention decrees as it gives them additional authority when it comes to arresting an individual.

For one, anybody with an active warrant from Rhea to his name can be picked up from his home, office, public place, outside the issuing county and even from privately owned premises. In fact, the arrest can occur at any time of the day or night and the police are authorized to use any means of force necessary to bring the offender in.

To ensure that culprits do not go scot free, the police maintain a database of arrest records from Rhea County as well as outstanding warrants issued by the local courts. Apart from this, the local law enforcement agency will also have information on any other judicial orders issued against a person including search and bench warrants.

Not only the police but also the office of the Rhea County magistrate keeps records pertaining to all arrest warrants issued in the area. This is done to ensure that personnel of the justice department as well as members of the public get easy access to this data. The issue of an active warrant is also recorded in the court dockets. So, you can conduct a warrant search through the following state agencies:

  • The sheriff: 444 2nd Ave, Dayton, Tennessee 37321
  • The county clerk: 301 North Market Street, Dayton, Tennessee 37321
  • The magistrate: 1475 Market St, Dayton, TN 37321

The sheriff’s office of Rhea County, Tennessee receives almost 500 complaints every year. So, on a daily basis, nearly one report is filed. Approximately 10% of the total crime figure is attributed to incidents that are violent in nature. Also, half of these incidents occur within a mile wide radius of the victim’s home or office.

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