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Union County, Tennessee arrest warrants are judicial orders issued by the local criminal tribunal. While such an order comes from the court, the magistrate will seldom issue the decree without police intervention. The reason for this is quite simple. To issue an active warrant, the court needs case facts, and the police hold these.

So, to release an arrest order, the court has to rely on the sheriff’s office to furnish an affidavit that will describe the crime and the involvement of the accused in it. Once this petition reaches the magistrate’s office, it is deliberated upon to ensure that the police do have enough reason to believe that the said crime was indeed the handy work of the alleged offender.

Upon scrutiny, if probable cause emerges in the case, an active warrant is almost immediately granted. This order never goes out of effect. In fact, outstanding warrants can stay in the police system until the accused is arrested. Cops don’t need to have a copy of the order when nabbing the criminal.

However, the warrant will have to be provided if the arrestee or his council asks to see it. When you need to know about Union County outstanding warrants or arrest records in the name of a person, you can go to the sheriff’s office or the magistrate’s court and get a warrant search done. For this, you can approach the appropriate offices at:

  • The sheriff: 901 Main St, Maynardville, Tennessee 37807
  • The magistrate: 901 Main St, Maynardville, TN 37807
  • The county clerk: As given above

If you want to know about Union County outstanding warrants and arrests over the phone, which agencies can help? (2021-Update) 

  • You can use the non-emergency dispatch phone line- 865-992-4062 for general inquiries and filing non-emergency reports.
  • You can call the Union County Jail at 865-992-6262 for details on recent arrests, inmate searches and information pertaining to inmate services
  • You can contact the Records Division at 865-992-5212 to obtain arrest records, and incident and accident reports.
  • You can reach the Criminal Investigations Division at 865-992-9407 to get case-specific details (Victims-only).
  • You can connect with the Clerk of Court at 865-992-5493 for a case search and/or warrants search.
  • You can contact the County District Attorney’s Office at 865-992-8826 for victim/witness assistance

Crime statistics of Union County

In 2019, the Union Sheriff’s Department filed approximately 225 criminal reports. Property offenses accounted for more than 200 of these recorded crimes, while 22 were crimes against humans. Larceny-theft (116 incidents) and burglary (63 cases) were the most common types of property crime. Aggravated assaults accounted for 17 complaints in the violent crimes category, while rape resulted in the filing of 4 complaints.

Older Crime Statistics

The police of Union County, TN, receive just about 250 complaints each year. From 2002 through 2008, almost 2000 criminal incidents occurred in the area of which only 9% were violent in nature. On the whole, theft with nearly 1000 occurrences recorded through this period was the largest contributor to property crime rates.

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