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Marion County arrest warrants are essentially orders from the judiciary to the office of the county sheriff to present offenders in court to stand trial. However, because the court does not take on investigative tasks, it has to rely on the police for information in a specific case. This is offered by filing a petition with the tribunal for an active warrant.

The court services division of the Marion County sheriff’s office handles this job after assimilating all the evidence collected in a case by the detectives. The writ is used to meet a strict law pertaining to probable cause that is to be followed when issuing warrants. The sitting magistrate is legally bound to ensure that the police have enough proof to hold the alleged offender culpable of the crime before he signs an active warrant.

A judicial order of this nature does not go out of effect once it has been released nor is it recalled. In fact, the only time when an outstanding warrant from Marion County can be dismissed is when the probable cause no longer exists against the person in question and this can only happen when another individual is accused of committing the crime.

While only the offices of the magistrate and sheriff are involved in the process of warrant issue, the county clerk’s department is also brought into the equation by virtue of the fact that this agency acts as the official records keeper for the judiciary. They maintain the court dockets for Marion; these are simply written explanations of what went on during the trial. So, any of these agencies can be contacted when looking for a warrant search or arrest records from Marion.

  • The police: 103 Oak St, Jasper, Tennessee 37347
  • The magistrate: 24 Courthouse Square, Jasper, TN 37347
  • The clerk of court: PO Box 789, Jasper, Tennessee 37347

In Marion County, TN, almost 600 crimes are reported each year. So, from 2001 to 2008, almost 5000 criminal complaints were filed with the local police. Of these reports, approximately, 12% were against violent crimes. Through the time period mentioned above, crime rates increased by almost 30% in the area.

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